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SBL LIVE - May 2022

SBL LIVE - May 2022

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With your monthly subscription, there are 12 lessons monthly / 3 lessons per week.

Each lessons lasts up to 1 hr combining, cardio, strength, endurance, breathing, mindfullness and meditation.

Missed a lesson or want to repeat a lesson....the live recordings are available below.

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Lessons Replaced with Pukulan Lessons

Please note lessons for MAY will be Pukulan related and will be available for ACCESS in SBL COURSE. Click Here


With your monthly subscription, there are 12 lessons monthly / 3 lessons per week.



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100% 3 Ratings
1 Year ago

James Smith

Awesome, Just Awesome, I have been with SBL for just about 3 years now and have to admit it's still challenging. It is the most complete system of modern Martial Arts training. There no short cuts! It make perfect sense on how the Physical training (SBL FIT) complements the application of (SBL LIVE). Then with the clarification of Concepts and Theory on the reason of Why, How and What we are doing again is awesome. Hate to miss because I know there's always that's going to be something to make you go "YEAH!!!" "Good Stuff!!!" See you in the next session!!!

1 Year ago

andrew mekaru

I'm almost a year into SBL and the results i'm getting with my body's mobility and strength are very rewarding to see. I really appreciate SBL's commitment to conditioning through SBL FIT and the sharpening or honing of technique through SBL LIVE excellent stuff to get into ...all the other stuff like the seminars and courses are like icing on da cake!

1 Year ago

Bea Nguyen

Live sessions give context and promote a deeper understanding of SBL. Truly a treat to learn from Alvin and all of the awesome SBL instructors.

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