KARAMBIT - Full Volume

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Created in 2017/2018, this 10 part course covers over 25 techniques with easy to follow step by step instruction detailing the blocks, footwork, strikes, slashes, stabs and body movement using Karambit.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use the Karambit including the stab, hook and slash
  • Using the finger ring as a one finger knuckle duster
  • Blocks and footwork
  • Attacking from the inside or outside using the Karambit
  • Countering stab attacks to different parts of the body i.e. head, stomach chest
  • Manipulating the body of the opponent to create openings to the body including the abdomen, back and neck.
  • Drawing the Karambit



In this course, Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao, will guide you through the applications one of the most deadly close quarter weapons, the Karambit.


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5 Months ago

Jan Vincent Dacanay

6 Months ago

Talinvir Dhillon

Meticulous and detailed teaching, with a sincere effort

Meet Our Teacher

Alvin Guinanao

Alvin Guinanao

Ground Fighting, Upright Fighting, Weapons, Striking, Kembangan, Grappling, Body Conditiong
Ash Miah

Ash Miah

Ground & Upright Fighting, Striking, Grappling, Weapons, Mindfullness, Kembanagan

Full Volume - 10 Parts

Learn to use the Karambit

Blocks & Footwork

Over 25 techniques

Created 2017/2018


14 Lesson(s)


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