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Our students come from every country in the world to learn the indonesian martial art, Pencak Silat! Whether you are interested in ground fighting, upright fighting, striking, weapons, body conditioning, health and well being or want to become an instructor, we have the course for you!
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Our Difference

The art is open for everyone who wants to learn. We have students from all styles including, karate, ninjutsu, Systema, MMA, FMA, Kung Fu, Krav Maga and more. With so many differences, it's our similarities that will bring us together to promote strength and unity as well as help us in our journey towards being an accomplished martial artist.

Our Impact

Our sessions have not only provided martial development, but has helped promote fitness, increased mental strength, beat depression, boost confidence and self esteem and must importantly the virtue of hope and strength to lead quality and fulfilling lives.

Our global reach

Since launching, our platform is growing making it easier to learn the art and accessible around the world.
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Our growth,
progess and evolution

With the onset of Covid, classes moved online and we have continually reviewed and improved our services by developing new ways of sharing the art. We have live sessions, tutorials, online seminars and courses.

As a result we have attracted members worldwide and are committed to ensuring all our students have all the tools to train consistantly and promote development.

With a library growing week by week, we have redeveloped our online site to provide students, easy access to all content to train at their own pace.



A wealth of resources to help you master and develop your knowledge and skill in Pencak Silat.


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