Ground Fighting using Kucing (Cat) Style

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5 Week Course starts Thursday 13th October 2022


Normal Price £40 / $47.99

In this 5 week interactive online course, you will learn explosive and dynamic ground fighting style called Kucing (cat). The course will cover ground defence, drills conditioning and takedowns.

The course will cover the basics and is suitable for all levels.

The course includes SBL FIT the unique fitness and conditioning aspect of Silat Buka Lingkaran.

Class Schedule:

There are 6 classes a week / Each session is 1hr

Session 1: Tues: 9.30pm (UK) / 10.30am (CEST) / 4.30am (EDT) / 1.30am (PDT) (SBL FIT)

Session 2: Tues: 7.30pm (UK) / 8.30pm (CEST) / 2.30pm (EDT) / 11.30am (PDT) (SBL FIT)

Session 3: Thur: 9.30pm (UK) / 10.30am (CEST) / 4.30am (EDT) / 1.30am (PDT) (Kucing Ground Fighting)

Session 4: Thur: 6pm (UK) / 7pm (CEST) / 1pm (EDT) / 10am (PDT) (Kucing Ground Fighting)

Session 5: Sat: 5pm (UK) / 6pm (CEST) / 12pm (EDT) / 9am (PDT) (Kucing Ground Fighting)

Session 6 Sun: 5pm (UK) / 6pm (CEST) / 12pm (EDT) / 9am (PDT) (SBL FIT)


As part of the Kucing (Cat) style, this course will cover ground defence, drills and takedowns.




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2 Days ago

Arthur Luhur

Five weeks of Kucing program is a great idea. It is a good duration to learn and to smoothen kinks.

4 Days ago


Excellent sessions !
Perfect learning of the Kuching postures and transitions. Great work to improve the ground movements on the ground, the mobility and the power.

Meet Our Teacher

Alvin Guinanao

Alvin Guinanao

Ground Fighting, Upright Fighting, Weapons, Striking, Kembangan, Grappling, Body Conditiong
Ash Miah

Ash Miah

Ground & Upright Fighting, Striking, Grappling, Weapons, Mindfullness, Kembanagan
Andrea Citarelli

Andrea Citarelli

Ground & Upright Fighting, Striking, Grappling, Weapons, Body Conditioning
Attila Nyitrai

Attila Nyitrai

JKD & Kali, Shooto, Associate Instructor of Minnesota Kali JKD, Kali, Silat, Muay Thai and grappling arts

Begins: 13th Oct 2022

Cost - £40

Ground Fighting using Kucing (CAT)

Ground Defence

Conditioning & Drills

Takedowns using Kucing

Theory and Pracical

27 Lesson(s)


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