SBL LIVE - Feb 2022

SBL LIVE - Feb 2022

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Train alongside the founder - Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao

With your monthly subscription, there are 12 lessons monthly / 3 lessons per week.

Each lessons lasts up to 1 hr covering the theory and physical aspects of SBL as well as making sure everyone is moving correctly.

Missed a lesson or want to repeat a lesson....the live recordings are available below.

As a members you'll get unlimited access to SBL FIT, SBL LIVE, SBL TV, SBL SEMINARS & SBL COURSES.


These are the classes where SBL is covered in greater depth i.e footwork, angles of attacks, defence against weapons etc.



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Meet Our Teacher

Alvin Guinanao

Alvin Guinanao

Ground Fighting, Upright Fighting, Weapons, Striking, Kembangan, Grappling, Body Conditiong

Live Online Class via ZOOM

12 lessons per month

3 lessons per week

1hr per lesson

Recordings available

Plus full access to SBL FIT, SBL TV, SBL Seminars & Courses

11 Lesson(s)


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