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The Accelerated Instructors Programme (AIP) is a 1-2 year intensive programme covering the foundation of SBL.

Following completion, you will gain automatic entry into the official instructors programme. “Join the accelerated instructors programme from anywhere in the world and learn online”

The AIP is suitable for martial artists who:

  • want to become a certified Silat Buka Lingkaran (SBL) Instructor
  • commit to 1-2 year of intense study
  • want the flexibility to learn online


Entry onto this progamme is subject to an interview.


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3 Months ago

Giash Uddin

On my journey for self proficiency, I've discovered that the quest of Silat and all the other arts I study is never-ending and just gets more captivating with time. It is a self-defense system, a means of preserving flexibility and physical health, a social activity that fosters camaraderie, a spiritual path, and most importantly, it is full of challenges and joy. Anyone, regardless of age or physical capability (I have had both hips replaced), is urged to give Ash, Alvin and his group a shot. Ash Miah was my initial point of contact and he has the best of each individual student. All skill levels and talents are welcome in the classes, which are meant to foster community and personal development. Both professionally and personally, Ash has a wealth of information. There is no greater individual than this to take spiritual energy and knowledge about this martial art from as you progress through it. You will be greeted with patience, a welcoming natural temperament, and a fair approach. I think Ash, the deputy teacher, did a fantastic job of illuminating this martial art's mysteries.
Why AIP? With course content that is thorough, straightforward, and incredibly simple to follow, the AIP is extremely well designed and aids in learning and following the logic of the moves from the simplest to the more difficult. Most courses lack the continual assistance necessary to provide long-term benefits, which can be especially challenging if you don't understand it right away. One of my finest choices in life was to enrol in the AIP. I've improved as a martial artist by getting specialised coaching from Ash Miah, who has made me stronger, more flexible, and more skilled.

4 Months ago

Sara Adam

Peace and good health greetings!!
I only just started my martial arts journey a few years ago and do not have a historical background in the martial arts field but had no means to learn or train and I was thrilled to know I could join the AIP-SBL instructor course as I was fascinated by this ancient art of self defence.
My instructor Ash Miah’s teaching style along with the supportive environment is encouraging, fun & friendly. Ash has been consistently fantastic and made me feel really welcome at my first class. Having never done anything like this before I was really quite nervous. The atmosphere of the classes is really inclusive and friendly and you are encouraged to have fun whilst learning. I would definitely recommend to others who are wanting to step out of their comfort zone in a 'safe' space.

I must say I was blown away by the course material, comprehensive, clear and so easy to follow. Most courses don’t have the ongoing support which makes it difficult to benefit long term (especially if you don’t get a move the first time) but I would say this course is great value for money because of the material and able to see the continuous benefits and skill level increasing. Really happy with this course!!
So don’t delay sign up today !!!! ?

4 Months ago

Thomas De Barros

I have always been interested in Pencak Silat and essentially the one of Alvin Guinanano, but I never had the time to get started. During lockdown, I came across an offer to take the AIP online, preliminary training to SBL Instructor training, which is managed and supervised by Ash Miah, so I didn't hesitate to jump into the adventure. What a pleasure to find a training so structured, clear, and so well followed by Ash! Always present for any question.
In addition, what a pleasure to meet Ash, with his incredible human qualities and his fabulous teaching.
I recommend the AIP for anyone who is interested by Silat, or even for any Martial Arts practitioner!

4 Months ago

Radovan Bujok

AIP the best option. I can't think of a better way to study martial arts, what more with preparation for instructional way at once. With the exception of education from an early age directly in the Shaolin monastery, respectively, simply under the direct long-term activity of the master in lessons conducted personally.
The element of personal and immediate contact is to a large extent fulfilled even in this way of training at a distance, thanks to online joint lessons, but also thanks to the possibility to ask questions directly online, or to consult specific aspects of my training, specific movements and positions with personalities most suitable for it, especialy for me. Ash is very knowledgeable, both humanly and professionally. There is no better personality from whom you would like to draw know-how about this martial art and spiritual energy for the journey through this art. You will meet with understanding, a friendly natural demeanor, a reasonable approach. I rate the illumination of the secrets of this martial art through the deputy instructor Ash very highly, .
To me, Ash, and likewise Alvin, Andrea and Atilla, are ... right now as I write I see that they are all A.
Really each of them is a winding instructor, and the movement skills in their presentation are really art... mastery. Before that, I had been training kickboxing and wing chun, in both disciplines I lacked a smooth transition to the ground, especially seduction to the ground of the opponent and his immobilization or other more elegant pacification. Finishing techniques. In the silat and in the silat buka lingkaran barrel, the whole combat manifestation from A to Z is very elegant, and the fluidity with later speed and explosiveness is indicated here. It is not to be seen in most other martial arts, not even in other styles with the epithet silat. Fluency here is more characteristic than it is for representatives of other styles from the family of silat styles, if I only can subjectively compare as a so-called layman's, from the point of view.
If you have time and space with a laptop or other screen with internet access, then you can exercise during online guided lessons - it's motivating almost as if you were with an utror right in the gym...
It is very valuable that it is also possible to play a recording, i.e. repeatedly what you want to remind yourself of or simply practice again. Even if you exercise only 2 times a week, you can certainly be satisfied with your fitness level after only a few months (after the first to the third), of course, for someone like me, the development of mobility goes slower, but it is also necessary to benefit from exercises that I currently do not practice in a large joint range, but each such training regardless a lower range, has a very good effect and in the future this property improves and has a positive effect on the performance of other exercises, even if that particular exercise does not go according to your ideas for a long time. If you also have a sparring partner with whom you can try the techniques in pairs, then you do not need anything else. Of course, from the point of view of the psyche, a person or most people need to hear directly from the teacher, you are doing this well and here this is not it, do it this way... And this is also possible here during an online consultation. Otherwise, it is enough for me to try with sparring exercises from the educational videos. Otherwise, for me, it is enough to try the exercises from the tutorial video with sparring, when during sparring you will fix most of the things yourself with help of self recording. And finally, if you want to pass on the art to other enthusiasts, then as the main source Ash is the ideal partner to strengthen you on this journey.
(sorry for translation mischmasch and for novelty length rewiew)

6 Months ago

Ivaylo Dimitrov

My name is Ivaylo and I am from Bulgaria. I have been practicing martial arts for more than 30 years. Penchak Silat, that is taught here in SBL, is one of the best and most comprehensive systems for universal training of the human body and mind.
This martial art by itself has a wonderful combination of strength, mobility, coordination, creativity and a lively flow of movement, which, among the other things, gives a great pleasure in learning and practicing it.
The AIP is a very well structured and helps in understanding and following the logic of the movements from the simpler to the more complex, while exploring the possibilities of your own body and mind. And the personal attitude of the leading instructor Ash is an additional bonus to the AIP.

6 Months ago

Arthur Luhur

This course is a game-changer for me. The online and offline contents are fun and challenging. Ash's personalized attention benefits the practitioner tremendously. The quality of instruction is top-notch. The positive camaraderie inspires one another. It's fun, beneficial, and challenging. What more do I want? I’d s sign up all over again.

6 Months ago

Steve Brown

Signing up for the AIP is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ash Miah's personalized instruction has helped me to become a stronger, more flexible and proficient martial artist. He has also fostered the ability and confidence to share the knowledge of this art with others. Beyond that the SBL AIP community is an incredible support and source of knowledge and inspiration. As a nurse on the front-lines of the COVID fight, I can say that the camaraderie and endorphin producing workouts where a massive help in coping with that stress. Join up, you won't be disappointed.

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